We not only develop pharmacy partners, but also help pharmaceutical companies conduct the best trade marketing and advertising campaigns centrally and according to common standards, which allows them to be more effective, efficient and successful!


    1. Centralized marketing activities at the federal level
    2. A single point of contact who handles all requests and requirements for marketing and advertising campaigns successful implementation
    3. Centralized product assortment planning
    4. The best conditions for product inclusion into an assortment matrix
    5. Inventory management
    6. Timely reporting
    7. Marketing conditions fulfillment maximization
    8. Classrooms with strong trainers with 10 years of professional experience


For effective inventory management we use Symphony – specialized software, based on TOC (theory of constraints). Delivery to own pharmacies 1-2 times a day.


  1. Automatic control of product matrices in accordance with a given algorithm
  2. Maintaining an optimal inventory level
  3. Flexibility and speed of response to changing demand
  4. The possibility of an individual approach during the campaign


In IRIS pharmacies, there is an electronic visitor’s registration system, implemented in the format of electronic cards (visits on the cash module).

Features of visits:

  • Visit is handled by a plastic card
  • Visit time - 10 minutes
  • Visit assessment by the pharmacist
  • Business activity reports


Take advantage of the variety of available training options, we offer both off-line (classroom) & online training, so you can choose the format suits you best:

  • Online training. Learning through a webinar or by providing recording and/or training presentation
  • Off-line training. The training record/presentation and test are available to all employees during the training period on the Learning Portal

Benefits of learning in IRIS:

  • Up to 100% audience reach
  • Approximately 4000 participants
  • Reporting on the results of training


Special price - a temporary price reduction on a limited range of items.

Promotion period: 1 month

What the manufacturer gets:

  • The participating goods outlay in the relevant product category in the pharmacy, designed with large price tags “Special price”
  • Information support: Web sites of all Iris partners, social media, Email, POSM, informing by pharmacists.

Gift with purchase - the buyer receives a guaranteed gift with the purchased item.

Promotion period: 1 month

The manufacturer gets integrated marketing communication: corporate websites, social media, Email, POSM, informing by pharmacists.

Advertising monitors - commercials on digital advertising screens - the opportunity to easily reach a wide range of pharmacy customers.


Dilyara Akbulatova

Deputy CEO

Mobile: +7 903 190 67 78



Tatyana Kurkina

Head of pharmaceutical & non-pharmaceutical assortment department.

Mobile: 8 965 179 59 00



Svetlana Mazur

Head of Private label department

Mobile: +7 925 863 76 54



Olga Eliseeva

Head of Conditional Private Label (USTM) department

Mobile:  +7 965 179 59 04


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